Beginners Guide to Using Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are not a new concept, they’ve been used for many years by many different types of people. They act as a tool and allow an individual to focus on their intuition. The cards are a piece of shaped paper that give you the opportunity to improve your spiritual insight. Here’s how oracle cards can work for you, even as a beginner.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Beginners right through to advanced readers should start their session by focusing on a clear intention. Once you know your intention, you’ll find it easier to concentrate on your goal. It is advisable to begin by cleansing your cards, this can be done by calling in your guides and asking them for support. Take a few minutes to settle your mind, relax your body and shift your awareness inwards instead of outwards.

Ask a Question

Always try to ask questions which are open, this helps you receive better answers. In addition, you can ask specific questions as opposed to broader ones. It can also be useful to ask your questions out loud, so they can be heard more clearly. Guidance cards need prompting, so be concise when you make your request.

Shuffle the Cards

When shuffling your cards, there is no right or wrong way to do it. As you shuffle, remember to focus on the deck and choose a card that appeals to you. Feel the energy coming from certain cards and select one which is surrounded by light. When you shuffle the correct cards to answer your question, what you are looking for will appear.

Selecting the Cards

You can learn different ways to shuffle, it all depends on what you like yourself. As you perform the action, certain cards will stick out from the deck. These cards are your cards, they presented themselves for a reason.

Follow the Guidelines

When you’ve selected your cards, you can now follow the guidebook. Read the message on your cards and relate that message to the guidebook. As you advance, you’ll no longer need it, but it is useful for beginners when starting out.

Use the guidebook to analyse all the cards you’ve drawn; it is a good idea to thank your guides for their assistance when you’ve finished reading your cards. The cards won’t always make immediate sense, it is important to dwell on them and think about them when you meditate.


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