Candela GentleMax Pro: Ultimate way to get rid of unwanted hair

If you are done with shaving, waxing, and plucking unwanted hair from targeted areas of the body, it is probably time to consider laser hair removal. While laser treatments have been around for years, recent advancements have made it possible to get better results with minimal concerns. In Santa Rosa, clinics like Laser & Skin Care Center offer Candela GentleMax Pro, which is a patented technology for removing unwanted hair. Here is an overview of what to expect from the procedure.

Overview of Candela GentleMax Pro

Laser treatments usually use laser light to target hair follicles, and Candela GentleMax Pro is not different in that context. However, the Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) used during the procedure also offers a cooling burst of cryogen, which helps minimize discomfort and provides additional care for the upper layers of the skin. Candela GentleMax Pro works best on black and brown hair follicles, and if you have blonde or light-colored hair, your aesthetician will recommend using a special spray that will help in better results. You need to use the melanin spray for two weeks before the procedure.

The procedure – explained

Before you step in for your Candela GentleMax Pro session, ensure that you haven’t plucked or waxed the targeted areas for at least two weeks. This is an in-patient procedure, and it can take a few minutes to treat smaller areas. You will wear protective gear for your eyes and lie comfortably on the table as the aesthetician or doctor uses the device. You may feel a cooling spray before the device emits laser light, which further helps reduce the side effects. Most patients don’t feel anything during the session, but some may experience minor discomfort. Your doctor may use a topical anesthetic agent if you are extremely sensitive to pain. You will need at least three or more sessions to see the permanent results of Candela GentleMax Pro.

Precautions after the treatment

Once you are done with the appointment, you may apply ice packs on the treated areas to reduce discomfort. If you have redness or minor inflammation, these side effects will subside within a few hours. If you need to step out, ensure that you are using broad-spectrum sunscreen. Do not scrub the treated area, and avoid direct sun exposure.

Because Candela GentleMax Pro is a cosmetic treatment, the costs are usually not covered by insurance. Talk to your doctor about the number of sessions and overall expenses.


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