Committedly Follow the Laser Tattoo Removal Post-Care Guidelines 

The tattoo seems to be a great way to reveal your personality, honor friendship with a symbol or profess love. Over time, you feel the tattoo is unsuitable for your lifestyle due to a divorce, change in personality, poor work, employment opportunities, or want some new design. With laser tattoo removal technique unwanted tattoo can be eliminated with minimal discomfort.

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How does the laser work?

The tattoo pigment colors get broken with high-intensity light rays from the laser. As the skin comes in direct contact with intense heat, there are minor burns, swelling, frosting, blistering, and itching. The treated area turns white for some time, after which several patients develop scabs or blisters within a day. These can last for less than two weeks.

After scab separates the treated area looks pinkish as there is the loss of pigment. It is temporary. Within 6 to 8 weeks healing gets totally complete.

Laser tattoo removal post-care guidelines

  • Remove the bandage only after 8 to 12 hours.
  • Shower 2 hours post-treatment but avoid high water pressure hitting the treated spot.
  • To reduce discomfort and inflammation apply a cold compress. If needed take painkillers [not aspirin].
  • Blistering is a normal healing process but apply skin cream daily. Allow the blisters to pop naturally.
  • Never pick, peel, scratch or rub the skin on the targeted area, while it is healing.
  • Clean the treated spot with mild soap and water. Pat it dry, with a clean towel and apply skin cream. Leave it open.
  • Wear sunscreen with more than 25 SPF on treated areas for three months after treatment.
  • Avoid makeup or another kind of cosmetic near treated zone for a couple of days or as recommended.
  • Significant skin lightening is temporary, which disappears soon.
  • Itching is because of the dehydrating effect of laser treatment. Apply skin cream to hydrate the spot.
  • If there is any other discomfort, infection, or bleeding contact the technician instantly.
  • Avoid shaving of the treated spots until it heals.
  • Never use saunas, hot tubs or swim for a couple of weeks.
  • Activities that escalate perspiration can hinder the healing process, so avoid them.

Proper post-care is crucial after laser tattoo removal treatment. It is totally in your control. Make sure to follow the aftercare guidelines given above closely.


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