Fall Season Approaching: Update Your Skincare

It’s that time of the year again. Autumn is finally here. Leaves started turning yellow, flushing the tracks gold. Dewy mornings and bright days. Nature turns on transition mode, and so should we, from our dressing to food and skincare. We re-decorate our homes for fall, making it cozy to welcome the winters and catch up with the trend. Updating our skincare is equally essential. Brands like eminence organic skin care and others present nature-based products that are good for the skin.

With the change in season, the air has less moisture than in summer. Less moisture in the air impacts our skin, making it dry. So, we cannot follow the same skincare regime we used on the humid summer days. Let’s check out what our fall skincare regime should look like.

Add Moisturizer To Your Vanity

As discussed earlier, the fall season means dry air, and you must safeguard your skin’s moisture. What’s better than a moisturizer? Invest in a good quality moisturizer.

Those with oily skin should pick a light, gel-based moisturizer. Dry skin needs extra hydration, so use cream-based moisturizers and look for essential oils. Those with combination skin, pick your moisturizer according to the oily combination or dry combination. You can also look for balancing moisturizers that moisturize the skin and control oil production

Take Care Of The Lips And Eyes

Don’t let the dry, fall air take away the moisture of your lips. If a lip balm was not in your summer skincare, consider adding it in your fall and winter skincare. Use moisturizing lip balms that restore moisture in the lips and keep it from drying.

The same goes for the eyes. Use a hydrating eye cream to prevent your under eyes from looking flakey and dull.

Avoid Exfoliants As Much As You Can

Since the humidity in the air lessens, your skin would feel dry. Using exfoliant on dry skin may worsen your skin. Reduce the frequency of using exfoliants. And if you need to, moisturize your skin amply.

Sunscreen Is Still Relevant

What if the sun has become less fierce these days? You must wait to skip your sunscreen. There are still UV rays out there. The sun might not be visible, but UV rays do penetrate the clouds and reach us.

It would help if you remembered to apply sunscreen daily in autumn and winter. Sunscreens with SPF 30 are a good choice.

Befriend Vitamin C

Since winter is approaching, so many citric fruits would be out there. Please include them in your diet to catch up with the vitamin C needs of your body.

You can also use vitamin C serum or moisturizers with vitamin C. If using serums, apply moisturizer after it.

Vitamin C helps reduce pigmentation, making your skin brighter. It also boosts collagen production, giving you rejuvenated skin.

Quick Recap

  • Use moisturizer as per your skin type
  • Use lip balm to avoid chapped lips
  • Don’t over-exfoliate your skin
  • Continue applying sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated
  • Include Vitamin C in skincare and diet


Change in season comes with different levels of moisture and temperature in the environment. Autumn comes with dry air. The cozy season could be more pleasant if your skin is happy. Focus on preserving and restoring moisture and staying hydrated; you are all set to welcome the autumn.