Look For Signs If Your Teenager Child Is Addicted Or Using Substance

To doubt that your teenage child or young adult might be using substances can be traumatizing. The signs and symptoms are mostly due to mental health problems like anxiety or depression. If you have reasons to suspect then look for the signs without the fear so that you can take precautions and have direct conversations with your child before it’s too late.

Things to look for

  • Mood swings and depression, silent or hostile behavior.
  • Behavioral changes like locking doors, disappearing for hours, cash problems, stumbling or having poor balance, feeling sleepiness, or being high on energy.
  • Change in appearances like frequently red or flushed face, burns, or soot on lips or fingers.
  • Physical health getting affected like falling sick frequently, nosebleeds, sores or spots around the mouth, perspiring frequently, seizures or vomiting.

Look for a good rehab

If you find any such symptom or are worried about thoughts that my addicted son needs help, get in touch with Detox to Rehab without wasting a moment. This is a modern, accommodating and all-encompassing community always ready to help you go through your journey to overcome any kind of addiction that your child may be struggling with.

Make your child join their community to feel the beginning of recovery. Your child will feel alive and jump into a new future with Detox to Rehab.

How and where to detect your child’s addiction

  • Check for the smell of drinking or smoking on their clothes and hair.
  • Check if their pupils are dilated then they’ve been drinking and if constricted, they might be on marijuana.
  • Watch their behavior if it is unusual.
  • Search their spaces to check if they have hidden vapes, alcohol, or drugs.

If it becomes evident that your child is on some kind of substance or drinking alcohol, prepare for a straight conversation. Stand firmly by your decision and take them to rehab before things get worse.


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