Myopia Surgery: What Is The Best Age To Do It?

Myopia is one of the ophthalmic clinical conditions that most affect people worldwide. Characterized by the low ability to see distant objects easily (since they are out of focus), it can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life when presented in high degrees.

Therefore, medicine, thinking of helping many patients with myopia stop suffering from their extremely thick and heavy eyeglasses, has developed an efficient surgical technique that minimizes — and in some cases even eliminates — the degree of this vision change: a surgery for myopia.

As this is a relatively safe surgical technique with excellent results in vision, more and more people have chosen to perform it to see better. Despite this, surgery for myopia cannot be done on just anyone — there is an ideal age for it to be used to treat this condition. At what age can you get LASIK or is the most suitable for performing this surgery? Check out our article on the subject!

When To Opt For Myopia Surgery?

First of all, myopia surgery is a surgical technique that should be used in patients with eye problems that reduce their quality of life – is considering using brokers’ lenses is a problem either because treatment with them is not more than enough to correct vision changes.

It can be performed with customized refractive surgery or laser surgery, with good results in patients of different age groups, clinical conditions, and gender. To find out exactly if you are an ideal candidate for myopia surgery, it is helpful to consult a trusted ophthalmologist so that they can assess your medical condition.

What Is The Ideal Age To Undergo Myopia Surgery?

For specific surgical procedures, some clinical conditions must be considered for the intervention to be successful. Myopia surgery is one of those interventions that demand care.

In addition to the patient having to pass all pre-surgical clinical examinations, he must already complete the development of ocular structures to be manipulated without major problems.

As children and adolescents still present alterations in the cornea’s curvature and even in the development of the muscles that support the eyeball, it is not recommended that myopia surgery be performed in this population.

Some specialists in ophthalmology claim that 18 is the minimum to perform myopia surgery. At the same time, some more conservative professionals prefer to wait until their patients turn 21 years old to have the degree stabilized and, thus, perform the intervention safely. It is important to know at what age can you get LASIK befor embarking on the surgery.


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