What are the risks of using CBD oil for dogs? 

CBD oil is safe to use but there some side effects of CBD oil for dogs. Several types of research have shown that it causes drowsiness in the dog. Clearly, CBD doesn’t make your dog high, but THC does. Cannabis alone is dangerous for the dog, but CBD oil and other treats are harmless. CBD distilled from hemp seed oil is legal everywhere, while cannabis is not legal in several states. You can give your dog CBD without any worry.

Side effects of CBD oil: 

The benefits of CBD oil are huge but you should be aware of the side effects of CBD. The good news is that the side effects of CBD oil are fewer as compared to the benefits. The side effects of CBD oil do not last forever.


In most cases, the dog feels a little sleepy because the natural relaxing properties of CBD can make your dog calm and more lethargic. In this case, try to limit the amount of CBD oil.

Dry mouth:

Most dogs experience dry mouth after the use of CBD oil. In this case, give your dog plenty of water and if the mouth becomes too much dry, reduce the amount of CBD oil. In the worst case, visit your vet.


Another common effect is dizziness due to low blood pressure. The symptoms disappear when the dog becomes habitual of CBD oil.

Overdose of CBD oil: 

In some worst cases, the dog can be at risk of overdosing CBD. Never give your dog more than the prescribed dose. It is not impossible to happen, but in rare cases, it does happen. In this case, your dog might be at risk.

How to avoid the side effects? 

You can avoid the serious side effects by discussing the condition of your dog with your vet. Try to limit the amount or concentration of the CBD oil. When the dog becomes used to CBD oil, you can increase the dosage. Before giving any product, make sure the dog is in a safe and secure environment.

High-quality CBD oil: 

To avoid the side effects, make sure to look for effective and safe products for your dog.


The product should contain organically grown hemp that is free of toxins. The natural compounds lower the risk of any medication.


Ensure the product is verified and goes through safe methods such as cold press extraction and carbon dioxide. Reputable companies use high-quality methods and make sure that customers buy safe products. However, some companies use cheap methods and toxin solvents such as hexane, butane, and THC from plants.


Look out for the companies who independently test their products and have the certificate of analysis. The product should test for pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals, etc.

THC level: 

The most important step is to check the level of THC potency. Some products have a high THC level and can be harmful to the dog because the high level makes the dog high. Make sure the product has less than 0.03% of THC.


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