Why is morning sex better than night sex?

According to several studies, morning sex has numerous benefits. Although there is no perfect time to have sex, people tend to believe the night time is the best time when it’s actually the morning sex that is beneficial, both physiologically and mentally. The most basic reason for this is because the two hormones that impact our sexual desires i.e., estrogen and testosterone are at higher levels than usual at the beginning of the day. Here are few other reasons why morning sex is better than night sex-

  • Relieves stress- Work mornings are stressful but you can relieve your stress with morning sex. Oxytocin, a love hormone, is released when a man or a woman cuddles or has an orgasm which helps in releasing Cortisol, the stress hormone. Morning sex helps in relieving anxiety as well. It does not take too long to change your mood from stress to joy after having a nice sexual experience with your partner.
  • Makes you productive- Did you know you can become more productive after having morning sex. Studies have shown that people who have morning sex are more energetic that helps them be more productive than others. This might look like an extra step and could be a reason for you to be late for work, but it works like magic. All you have to do is sacrifice a little amount of sleep and spend that extra time in your bedroom being satisfied.
  • Builds a connection- Morning sex can bring you and your partner closer. Due to the release of oxytocin, both of you will feel great during sex and affectionate towards each other. You can try different sex positions and make the process more interesting. You will feel a sense of connection. Next time, whenever you will there is a gap, just hit the sheets without waiting for the night to arrive.
  • Mood changer- During the process, the body releases dopamine and oxytocin, which are feel-good hormones. It helps the person experience a sense of pleasure and relaxation. This helps to boost your mood as well as energy level. Morning sex can instantly change your mood and make everything interesting for you. Oxytocin is mainly responsible for making you feel less stressed by making you feel happy.
  • Acts as a workout session- Being in shape is everyone’s dream but not most of us enjoy the process of working out in the gym. What if we tell you that you can work out while enjoying it to the fullest. Sex is considered a great workout routine. It may not be considered equal to a hefty workout routine but it surely does help in losing calories. Morning sex with various sex positions is a great workout session. Standing positions are said to be more beneficial than missionary and help you burn more calories. However, it totally depends upon the mood and situation. You will anyway burn calories in either of the positions.


Next time when you want to feel good throughout the day, start it with the morning sex. You can also use the best male enhancement pills to ensure that you’ll experience the best sex ever. Since it has various emotional and physical benefits, you should consider it adding to your routine too.


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