Why You Should Get Botox

Are wrinkles and fine lines impacting your self-esteem? You should not let unwanted aging signs impact your confidence as you can opt for treatment such as Botox. The Botox procedure has undergone scrutiny from the beauty and medical communities. However, it is a drug used by doctors for decades to reduce facial creases and wrinkles. You can get the best results from Botox when you get the procedure from experts such as Leslie Forrester, APRN. Read more about Botox and why you should opt for the procedure.

How Can You Use Botox?

Doctors and beauticians use Botox to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face and other body parts. It is a beauty injection that can rejuvenate your skin, leading to a youthful appearance. However, Botox treats other medical conditions such as severe underarm sweating, cervical dystonia, chronic migraines, strabismus, blepharospasm, and an overactive bladder.

How Botox Works

Botox is a nerve blocker. If you inject it into the muscle, it cannot contract as the medication will block the nerves to the muscles. Thus, the muscles will relax and soften, making them less visible. Botox can fill fine lines and wrinkles, lifting up the skin leading to a youthful appearance. You can use Botox on crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines, but it will not help prevent any wrinkles related to gravity and sun damage.

Botox Administration

During the administering of Botox, you will not need anesthesia as the beautician will use small needle injections directly to specific muscles. The injection can cause minor discomfort, which goes away by itself. You might see results of the Botox after a week or two, and it would be wise to avoid drinking alcohol after getting a Botox injection. Moreover, if you rub the injection site, you could impact the efficiency of the injection and spread the medication to nearby muscles. Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications would lead to bruising on the injection site, and it would be better to avoid taking the medications weeks before the injection. You should remain upright for four hours after the injection to ensure the medication stays within the designated area and avoid exercising soon after the injection. 

Is Botox Effective?

Although the results of Botox injections can last between 3 and 6 months, you can get better results with subsequent treatments. Even if the fine lines slowly appear when the medication wears off, they will not be as deep as they were, as the muscles are shrinking. Moreover, you can re-administer the injection to get the best results from the treatment.

The Side Effects of Botox

You can have temporary side effects from Botox, but they will go away with time. First, you could have bruises appear on the injection site, develop headaches that will last for a day, get a crooked smile, and have eye dryness. Some people can have drooping eyelids which go away after a month. The drooping eyes occur when a person rubs their eyes too soon after the injection.

Final Thoughts

Beauty procedures like Botox receive a lot of criticism, but do you know that the procedure has been around for decades? People use Botox to regain a youthful appearance, but it helps deal with other health issues such as migraines. Botox is effective in dealing with age-related wrinkles, and results get better with subsequent treatments.



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