Rolling Cannabis into Art: The Tricks to Making Creative Joints

Not everyone can roll a good joint. Even more, many people don’t know how to creatively roll joints. On the same, there are people who can comfortably create perfect joints. To some, rolling joints is an art and they do this with a lot of creativity. If you want to do the same, you only need a little practice, get the right tools, and a person to instruct you. If you are reading this article, you may be looking for ways to help you roll creative joints. The good news is that this article covers you. It has highlighted useful tricks to help you in designing your weed.

Start with the Simple Designs

As a beginner, it is advisable you start small and advance as you master the skills. Before you start, research the designs out there and see if you can make one. You can also check with Xplore Cannabis Dispensary to see what they have for you. The important thing is to work with your skills. Do what you can at the moment, and you will not get disappointed by the results. Once you know how to roll a single blunt, the next thing is learning how to connect two blunts. Learning how to connect two blunts will give you a clear idea of how the connection works and what you need to keep your seal intact.

Get Different Types of Rolling Papers

Some people stick with one paper, while others choose to work with different types. However, as you go, you will realize that every person has a different choice. You may realize that the thick papers may impact the flavor of your weed. However, they are not prone to tears while rolling the joints. The thin ones have their advantages and disadvantages too. So, when choosing your blunt papers, it is a good idea to get different types. You can easily get all kinds of papers from a recreational dispensary near you.

Buy Blunt Glue

Rolling papers come with a strip of glue attached to one side. You might be able to work with this, depending on what you are making. You may only need a little moisture to keep the joints together. However, for better results, it is recommended to have blunt glue. This glue is safe and does not change the flavor of your weed. Keep it quality if you want better results.

Make the Grind Fine

To avoid the challenges of rips and tears, keep your grind fine. Remove the sharp and large pieces that might rip the paper. You also need to make the large chunks smaller and smoother to avoid unnecessary bumps and air pockets. When preparing your weed, make sure the pieces are fine and smooth enough.


These are part of the tricks of weed art. Your first trials might be frustrating. However, be patient and stay motivated. With time, you will be making amazing joints. So, use the above tricks if you want to become a master in creative joint rolling. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.