Tips To Improve Mood Disorders

Anxiety, depression, and depression are sadly more and more common mood disorders these days. The factors contributing to malaise and depression were identified in a 2013 Australian publication in the Journal of affective disorders: diet, sleep time, and physical activity. Furthermore, following the discovery of new mechanisms involved in mood disorders, new nutritional and micro-nutritional therapeutic strategies have been implemented very recently (2012-2013).

Our mood is, therefore, strongly influenced by what we put on our plates. The link between the intestine and the brain has been rediscovered and confirmed by recent publications. While antidepressants only provide 50% healing, many solutions exist in nutrition. Here we at Metropolitan Skin Clinic will explain more:

Light, For A Better Mood

Dim light can decrease the production of serotonin, which is involved in serenity and well-being. In some countries, the lack of sunshine in winter is very often responsible for seasonal depression. Consider light therapy!

Yoga, Meditation And Cardiac Coherence: Scientific Evidence

We are all aware of the advantages of meditation and yoga. And rightly so because, according to recent research, this relaxation and breathing methods have an anti-inflammatory action on the brain. Yoga, practiced 3 times a week or daily, increases well-being and decreases anxiety and depression.

Meditation has a positive impact on inflammation and neuro-inflammation, new mechanisms involved in depression and discovered very recently.

Calm Is Food For The Mind

Moreover, the practice of a physical activity is, let us remember, essential for a healthy mind.

Set Goals For The Day

To give meaning to your days, it is important to structure them by setting goals. Daily routines fill our days and simultaneously chase away negative emotions such as boredom, depression, or anxiety. For this to work, the objectives to be set must be motivating and realistic: devote an hour to sport, take time to prepare breakfast, wake up gently thanks to 15 minutes of meditation and stretching, read a few pages of your bedside book, set aside an hour to take care of yourself (take a bath, get a massage, pamper your skin, etc.).

Psych-Biotics For A Better Psyche

Psych-biotics were the subject of a recent study (2013): these are probiotics or even intestinal bacteria which have shown an action on the psyche in mood disorders such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Three strains of probiotics have a real interest: L.Rhamnosus is anxiolytic, B.infantis has an action on behavior and the stress response, and L.Helveticus reduces stress.

And Good Micronutrients

Optimizing your intake of zinc, folate (vitamin B9), magnesium, iron, and vitamin D is essential because these are major players in mood disorders and depression. Feeding your brain with supplements like botox in minneapolis for example and gut well and adopting good lifestyle habits (8 hours of sleep, meditation, and physical activity) are essential for maintaining a state of mental well-being.


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